Mission of Women Development Trust

  • To reach as many poor as possible, facilitating them to have the strength and capacity both individually and collectively to be leaders in their own development.
  • To transform the semi-desert land through a holistic approach covering land, water, vegetation and livestock development and to ensure that people live in harmony with natural resources contributing for ecological regeneration, environmental development and sustainable livelihood enhancement.
  • To sensitize both men and women on the inherent discrimination and violence against women both in family and society, and developing appropriate support systems and networks to fight against such discrimination.
  • To facilitate persons with disabilities to avail equal rights and opportunities in every sphere of development and to have an access to all the resources and services covering health, education, livelihood and rehabilitation to lead a dignified life.
  • To be a dynamic and creative organization that always strives to participate in all development efforts, with the characteristics of being spiritual in its motivation; based on knowledge and skills; sharing the aspirations and struggles of the poor; permanent in time but adapting itself to the changing needs of people.
  • To sensitize the general public about the living conditions of rural and urban poor and to promote a ‘Caring and Just Society’.