WDT Introduction

Vincent Ferrer (1920-2009) and Anne Ferrer founded Women Development Trust (WDT) in 1982 with Ananthapuram in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh as its Central Headquarters.  It is a non-governmental organization registered under Indian Registrations Act 1908

WDT was founded in 1982 when the sector of women’s development was initiated. It was started primarily to work for women’s progress but later on all sector activities were carried out in this trust. WDT is geographically divided into 3 regions namely Madakasira, Uravakonda & Kalyandurg.

WDT has been carrying out various welfare and integrated programs of development for the marginalized and underprivileged sections namely Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Backward Castes (BC) and persons with disability (PWDs) in 1401 villages spread across 30 Revenue Mandals consisting of 29 in Ananthapuram district and 11 in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

The programme interventions of the organization cover major sectors such as Education, Women, Community Health including HIV/AIDS, Hospitals, Community Habitat, Community-based Rehabilitation and Ecology. WDT believes that Sports and Cultural events are very necessary for the growth, self esteem and confidence of rural children and undertakes suitable activities and programmes in its project areas.

WDT has 149 full time staff comprising senior and middle level managerial staff, professional/ technical cadre staff, grass root and support level staff who are experienced and trained in their respective fields of work.  There are also 1091 volunteers such as community health workers (CHWs) and Community Based Teachers (CBTs) who are trained by the organization at the village level.

In the year 1996 Vincent Ferrer established Foundation Vincent Ferrer (FVF) based in Spain with a view to sustaining the work carried out by WDT.  FVF-WDT work together and share the same vision and mission of bettering the lives of the most deprived sections in society.

Anne Ferrer is the present Executive Director while Moncho Ferrer, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ferrer, is the Program Director of WDT.  A management team called Core Team sets the direction and strategy for the organization, and also guides the various program interventions of WDT apart from sustaining the motivation of various cadre staff to work in accordance with its guiding principles (Dharma).