Community Habitat

Overall Goal of Community Habitat

To improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups by creating an asset both individual as well as community based and to improve the facilities at rural level specially for education, health and other necessary infrastructure

Housing is one of the primary needs of people and many amongst the poor communities lack a decent place of their own. A house not only adds to their sense of identity, but also provides safety and security to the families. WDT builds permanent houses for the marginalized sections of society—dalits, tribals, people from backward communities and those with disabilities, provided the beneficiaries fulfil certain criteria and involve actively in the whole process of construction. Families also contribute towards their share in the form of cash and labour.

  • A total of 18,861 houses were built up to the end of 2011 which includes 866 built for persons with disability.
  • 483 school building-cum-community centres were built by the organization up to the end of 2011 to facilitate communities to make use of the building for various social needs including running supplementary schools, conducting workshops or meetings.
  • As part of improving infrastructure base of government WDT had extended support to 32 institutions in the form of additional classrooms, laboratories, toilet blocks, library and others up to the end of 2011.
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