Our Founders: Vicente and Anne Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer and Anne Perry came to Ananthapuram in January 1969 and founded Women Development Trust (WDT).

Vicente Ferrer (Barcelona, Spain, 1920 – Anantapur, India, 2009) arrived in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1952 for the first time. He  dedicated himself to working with the poor farmers and their progress in Manmad, Maharashtra.

His philosophy and work were very deeply rooted in “concern for others” and “work beyond duty”.  His struggle to eradicate poverty based its principles on “any good deed for others contains within itself all religions, all philosophies and all ideologies.”

In 1969 after a brief stay in Spain, Vicente Ferrer, along with Anne Perry , a journalist from Mumbai who had joined his cause, and two other volunteers arrived moved to Anantapur.

Anne Perry  (Essex, 1947) was born in Essex, England in 1947 and has been residing in India for almost 60 years and is currently an Indian citizen. At the age of 16, as part of an adventurous journey by car with her family, she arrived in India, where she completed her studies and started working as a journalist in a Mumbai-based news magazine Current.

She met Vicente Ferrer during an interview in 1968 and got stirred by his philosophy and work for the disadvantaged communities. They got married in 1970.

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