Our Approach

Poverty is one of the major causes of ill health and a barrier to access quality health care whenever needed in the developing countires.

The rural population belonging to disadvantaged communities have less purchasing power to have things that are needed for good health, including sufficient quantities of nutritious food and access to health care due to their financial constraints. 

The relationship is not merely financial but also related to the lack of awareness on appropriate health-promoting practices and on health insurance schemes (e.g. Arogyasree).  Ill health, in turn, exacerbates poverty and sufferings.

Although there has been considerable progress in public health infrastructure, there is still the need to improve access to quality healthcare services, especially in rural and remote tribal areas. For those living in these areas seeking health care, including consultation, both medical and surgical, tests and treatment in higher institutions in private and corporate sectors, often involves huge costs difficult to meet or that forces low-income families to borrow at high rates of interest or to sell the little they own.

WDT has the aim to

Provide medical care and relief services to the disadvantaged communities n chronic drought-prone districts across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
To create awareness among NPOs and CBOs about government health programs (Arogyasree), including health insurance schemes.

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